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Our Social Media Marketing Expertise

With over 10 years of experience in social media marketing, Dev and Tag take immense pride in our expertise. The platform prowess we have, not only within Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, but also within the emerging channels, enables us to develop deep and enduring relationships with our clients across major social networks.  

Creating visually stunning graphics, writing compelling copy, and making engaging videos are all skills our creative team excels at. We understand that captivating content is the key to engaging and retaining your target audience. The power of data is something we strongly believe in. We track and measure the performance of your social media campaigns using advanced analytics tools. By using data-driven strategies, we can fine-tune strategies, maximize ad spend, and increase ROI.

Social Media Marketing Offerings

We offer a complete range of Social Media Marketing

Planning strategic content

Based on your brand's voice and goals, we craft a content strategy customized to match. By implementing this strategy, you will not only ensure a consistent social media presence, but one that is also genuinely compelling.

Audience segmentation

As social media landscapes are dynamic, we specialize in audience segmentation. It increases engagement and conversion rates by ensuring the right people see your content at the right time.

Social Engagement

Your audience is actively engaged, comments are responded to, and a loyal community is created around your brand. As a result, your audience is more likely to trust you and form a deeper connection with you.

Collaboration influencing factors

As a result of our extensive network, we can identify and work with influencers whose interests align with your brand, thereby increasing your brand's reach and credibility.

Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

Through our comprehensive analytics and reporting, you can gain a clear understanding of how your social media campaigns are performing. In this way, continuous improvement can be driven by data-backed decision-making.

Dynamic adaptation

In order to remain on the cutting edge, we keep up with trends, algorithm updates, and industry shifts by adapting to them. By doing so, you will be able to maintain the relevance and effectiveness of your campaigns.

Why Choose Social Media Marketing at Dev and Tag

The decision to partner with Dev and Tag in Social Media Marketing is a strategic choice that will position your brand for success. With an ever-evolving digital world, we ensure your campaigns stay effective and relevant by staying at the forefront of trends, algorithm updates, and industry insights.


A results-driven approach: We place a high priority on delivering measurable results. Our social media marketing services will increase brand visibility, enhance engagement, and improve conversion rates. With Dev and Tag, your social media is more than just a management tool; it’s a powerful brand raiser. Together, let’s take the first step toward social media success.


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